(Video) Adorable Pug Puppy Slideshow Will Give Doggie Lovers Serious Feels

pug puppy

The precious moments spent with a puppy are fleeting since a puppy grows up so quickly. From the time you get your pup to only a few months later they grow up so fast!

Though you can't slow down the growing process, you can cherish the moments while your puppy is still young. You can take lots of pictures, having fun with your pup at the park, and introduce her to your family members. If you have other dogs you probably also like to take a lot of videos and pictures of them together as well!

It's true, as soon as you blink your eyes it seems like your puppy has already grown up. This doggie owner felt the same way so he decided to create a fun slideshow on YouTube of his cute Pug puppy Derrick.

Watch the video on the next page and you'll find yourself becoming nostalgic and thinking about the times your puppy was small and full of wonder!

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