How to Tell if a Puppy is Pooping too Much…

Poo happens! LOL! It's true, especially in doggy world. When you get a new puppy, what you can often struggle with is potty training. There is often lot's of accidents that can happen and your puppy is learning where he needs to go.

However, there can be such a thing as pooping too much. It can be a sign that your pooch might be sick.

So how do you know if little Fido is going number two too much? The advice on the next page will hopefully give you answers to some of the questions you've been seeking.

You'll learn what to expect our of a puppy's poo and when to worry if he's going too much! Don't worry; it will get better!

Find out if your new puppy is pooping too much and what you can do about it on the next page.

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