Recall Alert: This Dog Food Was Found to Have a Euthanasia Drug


We trust dog food companies probably more than we should. But when we see all of those bags of kibble and cans of wet food on the shelves of our local grocery store it makes sense to think there are regulations stating that the food inside is healthy and simply serves to give our fur babies nutritious meals!

Evanger’s is one the oldest family-owned pet food canneries in the United States. And unfortunately, it has found itself recalling five lots of its biggest seller, twelve-ounce cans of “Hunk of Beef” dog food!

Tragically, five pugs from the same household in Washington state became ill and it was traced back to “Hunk of Beef”. One of the poor pugs even died from consuming the tainted dog food!

It was discovered that pentobarbital, a drug most often used to euthanize pets, was inside the can!

While this was the only reported incident, Evanger’s decided to be very cautious and recalled “Hunk of Beef”. It has also cut off their beef suppliers, the company they have worked with for the last forty years.

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