(VIDEO) This Frenchie Is Sleeping the Day Away While Looking as Cute as Ever!

Frenchie Sleeps

We have all had those days when, instead of getting out of bed, we’ve just wanted to sleep in and have some great down time. After all, we work hard every other day of the week – Why not take a day of relaxation and comfort?

And if we feel this way what about our dogs?

They spend the day protecting the home, running in the backyard after cats, eating and drinking… and if that mailman delivers a box they give him a real piece of their mind!

Such diligence deserves a lengthy naptime.

The Frenchies on the next page have decided to make the most out of their daily snooze and – please – do not interrupt them. They really need this rest.

From what we’ve heard Girl Scouts showed up and they really took it out of these faithful guard dogs! LOL!

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