(Video) Bulldog Gets His Bed Stolen. How He Responds? Talk About a Temper, LOL!


In the doggy world, a good bed and nap time are extremely important. They are almost as important as treats and cuddle time with a human! LOL!

If you don't believe it, then this video will prove it to you! For one grumpy Bulldog, his napping spot is a top priority.

You're about to have a laughing fit when you see what happens when another doggy friend decides to take his spot.

His reaction is priceless! No matter how hard this Bulldog tries to be grumpy, it just comes off as the most adorable temper tantrum ever. Get ready for a good laugh!

Watch how one grumpy and sleepy Bulldog reacts to his doggy friend taking his spot on the bed during nap time on the next page!

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