Terrified Pug Shocks Everyone With a Reaction I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen Before!

scared pug

It's so much fun to pull pranks and scare others for the thrill of it. Seeing their reactions when they get shocked is hilarious.

The same goes when we scare our furry friends. They can make the funniest faces and even make the silliest sounds when they're surprised.

Well, today you'll laugh a lot and enjoy how this pug gets a good scare! His reaction is hilarious! In fact, I promise that you've never heard this sound before! LOL!

He's for sure a scaredy-dog! Poor doggy! HAHA!

Let's hope his owners comforted the scaredy-pug once the prank was over! Because otherwise this poor puggy is going to sleep with one eye open. LOL.

You can see the terrified reaction of this shocked pug on the next page and trust me; you don't want to miss it. You won't believe what he does!

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