(Video) This is Proof that Bulldog Puppies Are Some of the Most Adorable Balls of Fluff Ever!

bulldog compilation

Our Bulldog obsession is reaching new levels! LOL! How so? Well, we just can't seem to get enough of this adorable compilation video featuring all Bulldog puppies!

You're going to love it too, trust us. This adorable video features puppies on skateboards, puppies wearing cute sweaters, puppies playing some fetch and of course, puppies on Roomba vacuums! LOL!

When you see how adorable and happy all these fur balls are, you're going to want to join team Bulldog! LOL!

Brighten up your week with these cutie pies and keep a smile on your face all day! These pups will show you how to be happy and adorable. LOL!

Check out this amazing Bulldog puppy compilation video on the next page! You won't regret it, especially if it's early on in your work week and you need a bit of a break!

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