The 8 Best Foods to Share With Fido

dog near fruit

As dog parents, we only want to give our dogs the best of the best. We want them to have the best toys and the most comfortable beds we can afford. This includes what we put in their tummies.

It's easy for us to trust dog food companies since we can't just simply share our meal with our fur kids as we can with our human kids. Instead, dishing out our dog's food from a bag or a can makes it easy on us. Since our dogs seem to scarf down every last bit, we don't question what's in it. As long as our dogs appear to be happy and healthy, we keep feeding them that same old food.

My dog was born with a health issue that requires him to have special canned food. Because of how life-threatening the issue was, I fed him whatever was recommended by the vet and stuck to it. My dog seemed to be obsessed with the food so I didn't have any reason to worry about whether it was truly beneficial to his body. Recently, though, I'm considering adding some healthy vitamins and nutrients into his food to make it more natural.

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