(Video) A Puppy Named Butterball is Quite Frightened to Go Down the Stairs. The Heartbreaking Noises He Makes? Oh My Goodness!


Many new puppies have not seen stairs before, when this puppy tries to make it down them, the noises it makes will melt your heart!

When we go to adopt a new puppy, there is usually a ton of stuff they aren't used to yet. They may be scared of all the noises in your house, they might not know which door to go out of and they may be very afraid of the stairs.

This puppy who name is Butterball is so afraid that he makes the most adorable noises we have ever heard. Your heart just breaks for the puppy. He wants so much to please his owner but isn't quite sure what to think about the stairs.

This will make you remember when you first got a puppy and how they felt about stairs. You might just want to give them a big hug for getting over their fear. It will definitely make you want to cheer this puppy on!

To see and hear butterball's reaction to being afraid of going down the stairs, please head on over to the next page and watch the cute video. 

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