Let’s Uncover Whether a Dog Can Feel Embarrassed

embarrassed dog

Humans are constantly amazed at how dogs can communicate feelings of sadness, happiness, frustration and so on. Man's best friend seem to go through a gamut of emotions just like us even if they can't tell us in English. What about embarrassment?

One of the things we love about our dogs is that no matter how many times they go the bathroom in front of us, make a silly mistake or have absolutely zero manners with visitors, they continue on their way without a hitch. They're so carefree and shameless!

However, I've definitely questioned it myself. I've seen my dog trip over a toy or fall off the side of a couch due to a misstep. He immediately puts his ears back and his head down as if to say, “Oops, I hope no one saw that!” He then tries to scurry away quietly. But, maybe he was just having one of those days.

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