There’s NO WAY This Pug Wants Anything to Do With His New Giraffe Toy

Doggies and squeaky toys seem to go hand-in-hand, right? Well, you'd be surprised that it may not always be the case for all pups. Some just want to stay very far away from certain toys. We're not quite sure why this happens… but occasionally dogs make a stand by saying NO to particular toys! LOL!

Maybe they don't like the way they squeak? Maybe they don't like how they look? Whatever the case may be, some pups are just picky when it comes to toys!

Pippin, the pug, is one example of a picky pooch! When Pippin's owner goes out of her way to get a little something special for her doggy, she didn't expect he would react in such a hilarious way!

Find out how Pippin the Pug reacts to his new giraffe squeak toy on the next page! It's quite hilarious!

Via Adeline_Garrett / Twitter

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