(Video) Mom Comes Home to a Crazy Mess. The Culprits? OMG, This is Hilarious!

naughty pugs

Pet parents beware — while you're away your doggy may have a secret agenda up his sleeve. Even though you may think your pup is being a perfect little angel, you better be careful because that's not always the case.

Keep in mind that if there's something around for a pug to explore, you better believe he may get up to mischief while you're away. Pugs are curious, so don't put it past them not to check out their surroundings while their mom and dad are out and about!

In fact, when the pugs on the video on the next page are left alone while mom and dad run some errands, they find something in the kitchen they want to have fun with. It's unclear whether something was left out or if the pugs decided to be naughty, but decided they couldn't resist temptation.

When they get caught by mom when she returns home home — the outcome is hilarious!

If you have a curious doggy it's important to make sure everything is doggy proof before leaving. Otherwise, you may have your hands full when you return.

Don't take my word for it, check out this video on the next page as a prime example. These trouble makers are too funny!

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