(Video) Cat, Dog and Otter Share Incredible Friendship, it’s Hard Not Shed Tears Over This Sweet Video!

dog cat otter


We have seen countless videos with dogs and cats getting along famously. Honestly, our own dog and cat barely tolerate one another but it has been shown and proven time and again that, under the right circumstances, the two can be friends with little to no problems.

So yes, that is cute enough. But then you add another creature or pet into the mix and it’s doubly cute … Or trippily if the third pet is an otter!

Yes, an otter! That semiaquatic, aquatic, or marine life with diets based on fish and invertebrates! They do not sound like they’d be good playmates but you’d be surprised

After the break, go over to the next page and view a truly heart-warming video with playing pals that are as many brothers as they would be if they all came from the same litter!

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