(Video) Dad Decides to Play a Kissing Game With His Pug. Now Watch This Sweet Kissing Match Unfold!

Barry and Dad

Barry is like every other pug pooch. He has his good days and bad. He enjoys things like food, exercise, and playtime.

And he loves his Daddy. While Daddy may look odd to Barry he really is a good ole chap and he treats him well, dispensing food and exercise with love and patience. Yet once in a while, Daddy will forget himself and over-step the “play” with silly little tricks and the “kissing game.”

While Barry likes the attention and affection he also finds himself a little annoyed. It is as if Daddy thinks it’s fun to push his buttons! Still, the kissing game really does have its uses, as you will see on the following page.

Daddy may be a strange human being (aren’t they all?) but Barry will show he is as up for a challenge as his pet parent!

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