(Video) Dinner is Late, and This Great Dane is Not Thrilled About It

angry doggy

While this Great Dane's way of communicating makes us laugh, he also shows us how routine-oriented our doggies are. His meal is an astounding and unacceptable 8 minutes late and he's not exactly thrilled about it:

Dinnertime is such a fanfare with this Great Dane around! It's like having a loud horse in your home! He clearly loves his food and wants to make sure he isn't forgotten. I love when the camera changes views and you soon realize that his head is actually larger than his bowl of chicken. His appetite is as big as he is! Even though he's a very timely furbaby, he lets you know you're late in the cutest way! Tomorrow, though, I think his parents will make sure dinner is served promptly at 5 PM. Otherwise, he might resort to jumping onto countertops and causing chaos!

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