(Video) Dog Finds Box on the Side of the Road, Shortly After Becomes Foster Dad

dog and kittens

If you have a dog in your life, then you know they're the most loving and generous creatures. Aside from being overprotective of their toys every once in awhile, our furbabies show us what unconditional love is day in and day out. Their hearts are truly pure and they remind us of that with each lick, kiss and game of fetch we have with them.

So, it's not surprising to read and watch stories of dogs extending their love to other animals.

This doggie, for example, is going for an ordinary walk when he comes across a box with some abandoned animals. Instead of continuing on his way and hoping someone else would do something about it, he makes sure his human knows he can't just leave the box.

Continue on to the next page to find out what was in the box and how this doggie becomes a foster dad! It's equally adorable and inspiring!

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