(VIDEO) Just Wait Until You See a Pug Dressed Up as an Easter Bunny — Adorable!

Clara the pug bunny

We are into March, the coldness is ebbing, and spring is on its way! And, it’s hard to believe, but Easter is not that far away!

Pugs and Kisses present us with another beautiful video, this time in a timely Easter Bunny mode!

Watch as this patient pug, dressed in Easter finery, takes precise direction from the camera man. It’s sweet! It’s precious! And all seems to go well… until the carrots are introduced.

What self-respecting pug is going to eat carrots? LOL!

While we won’t give it away, it’s just too cute not to describe! We will say that Clara the pug finally did get a little reward for the time she sacrificed for the photo shoot. Hey, even Leonardo DiCaprio snacks on Girl Scout cookies!

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