(VIDEO) French Bulldog Knows How to Play Dead. Now Watch How He Effortlessly Shows Us His Trick!

Playing Dead

We all try to train our dogs to do tricks. The simplest command like “give me your paw” or “sit” often takes a little time to sink in for our furry friends. It’s not that they are unintelligent but some pups learn faster than others and, well, some dogs are simply confused. It all has to do with patience and temperament!

Jude the French Bulldog is only eight months old but he has shown himself as being infinitely trainable! One of the most popular but not always the easiest attainable tricks is the “Bang, you’re dead!” trick where the dog falls to the floor and, well, plays dead!

Believe us, it’s easier said than done. There are some dogs that absolutely cannot “get” that trick, even after months of training!

However, if you want to see it mastered go to the next page and watch Jude do his thing on the video!

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