(Video) Golden Retriever Disobeys Orders From Mom and Instead Dives Headfirst into a Giant Mud Puddle

head first into mud

Cooper the Golden Retriever has a lot to answer for. He is a muddy mess!

But, to be clear, we cannot really blame him. When it’s hot, when our skin is itchy and there is redness from flea bites and hot spots, we want relief. But we really do not think his Mom had this in mind when she brought him and a sibling out for a nice walk!

However, where there is mud there is children – and dogs. Cooper take full advantage of his circumstances and takes the plunge. And even though we can hear Mom’s disdain we can also hear the humor too! We can only hope that they will be walking home because, if Cooper and his BFF need to jump into the car after this tumble in the mud – the car (and Mom) may never recover!

Go on over and take a look at this fun loving and now very dirty dog!

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