(Video) Harley the Pug is One Sweet Talker – I Can’t Believe What He Says to His Mom!

talking pug


We’ve seen a lot of videos about pups who can do any number of wonderful tricks. Yet, it’s the heartfelt behaviors that are our favorites and the little pug on the next page seems to know exactly what he is doing when he “speaks” to Mom.

Even his body language, the confident stance, tells us he is sincere in his devotion and wants to impart something special.

But what is he saying if, indeed, he is saying anything at all? It’s a paradox but one dog lovers do not seem to fret over. They know what their doggies are saying even if the rest of us are just a tiny bit skeptical!

After the break go over to the next page and take a listen to a sweet-talking pug pup who is as vocal as he is adorable!

If there is one thing we know for certain, this is one happy and content pug!

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