Want to Go Green? Let This Cute Pug Show You How!

Do you want to start taking care of the earth more? Then allow an adorable Pug to show you how! You're going to appreciate this amusing video of a Pug, who takes you through several ways you can start being “green” today. Even though you may think being “green” is too much of a hassle, it really isn't. In fact, there are a few things you can start doing today to help the earth step by step!

For example, a few ways to recycle and save the planet include riding a bike instead of driving and throwing away your trash instead of throwing it out on the road or freeway! Another easy way to be green? Recycle! If you don't have recycling bins in your area find out where you can drop off recyclable items!

After the break, allow this cute Pug to show you more ways to be green.

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