(Video) How Many Tricks This 13-Week-Old Puppy Knows is Amazing! Plus, This Frenchie’s Cute Factor is Off the Charts!

frenchie tricks

It can be pretty difficult to teach doggies new tricks, especially when they're very young! They are often easily distracted and don't always understand the words we say to them. LOL!

However, with some determination, patience and lots of love, doggies of any age can learn lots of tricks!

Take this adorable puppy for example. At only 13 weeks, this Frenchie knows more tricks than most adult dogs! It's pretty impressive!

Plus, he is incredibly adorable! Your heart will be melting just as you become impressed with his capabilities!

This pooch will definitely win your heart! LOL! Don't miss what he's got to show you!

Watch what this cute Frenchie puppy can do at just 13 weeks old on the video on the next page!

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