(Video) Warning: This French Bulldog Puppies Compilation Makes Doggie Lovers Want Another Doggie. They’re That Cute!

frenchie sleeps

All doggy lovers have been warned! The following footage will make your heart melt and possibly make you adopt more doggies! LOL!

We've searched far and wide and brought you this amazingly adorable compilation of Frenchies that will make you fall in love!

Don't believe us? You should really see the cutie at 1:07! You'll never be the same! LOL!

If that doesn't convince you then you should try your luck with the Frenchies at 1:50! They are all absolutely irresistible, we promise!

If you're in need of a serious doggy dosage, then this video will be all you need! With their antics and adorable puppy dog faces, why focus on anything else today? Haha!

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