(Video) It’s About That Time to Get Ready for the Holidays, and Max and Minnie Know Just What to Do to Get Everyone in the Mood…


Believe it or not, the holidays have pretty much arrived! In a few weeks, you'll be decorating that Christmas tree. It seems just like yesterday we were only just preparing for the summer! LOL!

While we're prepping for the holidays, these Pugs are showing us their excitement for the upcoming festivities.

That's right, Max and Minnie have returned with a totally awesome video to get you into the holiday spirit.

When you see them all dressed up in their Christmas outfits (complete with sleigh bells) your heart will melt!

These two pooches will have you wanting to roast some chestnuts on the fire and pour some eggnog into your mug!

Check out how excited Max and Minnie the Pugs are for the holiday season on the entertaining and festive video on the next page!

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