(VIDEO) Pug is SO Excited. When He’s Not Sure How to Get Rid of His Energy? THIS is What Happens…

crazy pug

Sometimes our doggies get excited, and there is no way that they can contain themselves. You've seen it, I'm sure. They run around in one spot or pant with excitement! They might even start howling! LOL!

Well, there seems to be something getting this funny Pug excited! He has so much energy and happiness that he's a little unsure of how to deal with it! What does he do? You have to see it for yourself. I'm still cracking up!

This rambunctious Pug cannot be stopped! We can't help but wonder what is making him so excited! LOL! He is just too much!

Watch how one excited Pug tries to release his pent up energy on the next page! And trust me when I say, this Pug has a LOT of energy! Ha ha.

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