(Video) This Bulldog is Afraid to Cross the Cable But Comes Up With a Clever Solution

Cable Problems

To cable or not to cable… that is the question for this precocious and somewhat superstitious Bulldog who is uncertain how safe that yellow-devil-line thing is! For all he knows it’s a snake!

Still, Daddy is calling, and if he ever wants to get past his fears he’s going to have to screw up his courage and make the leap! Or maybe there is a better way…

If it weren't for that confounded ladder, he would go around it. But ladders are unlucky too! He can’t merely crawl under the thing. Just think of all those years of bad luck! What’s next? A broken mirror?

After the break watch the unintentionally hilariously funny way a bully bulldog makes his way in, around and over the object he fears most!

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