Baby Stretches and Rolls in Bed with Pug Puppies = The Most Adorable Video Yet!

baby and pug puppies

Babies and puppies should always come in a package deal! LOL! They go really well together! They're both really tiny. They both make the cutest noises. They also both look adorable while they sleep, especially when they're cuddled up in the same bed. AWW!

That's right, this cute baby gets to snuggle up with some adorable pug puppies to keep him warm. It's just so sweet to watch them get comfortable together! You can tell they like sharing nap time! It definitely brings in a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Sleeping like a baby.” LOL! You need to take a look at these sleeping angels so you can see just how sweet and content they all look!

Watch this bundle of pug puppies cuddle up next to a baby on the next page! So cute!

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