(VIDEO) This Baby Pug Flips Out When She Sees Her First Bone and it’s SO Adorable!

pug freaks out over bone

Everyone enjoys freaking out about something. You know when your favorite TV show is airing, and it's supposed to be a good eppy? If you are freaking out about your show, it's understandable!

Pug puppies also love to show their excitement, and they always love being the center of attention. If a Pug puppy is learning about something for the first time, you better believe he is going to get wound up and excited, like the adorable pup you'll “meet” after the break.

When this Pug puppy gets introduced to a bone for the very first time he's not too sure what to think. “What the heck is this thing and will it harm me?” he seems to be wondering. In fact, when you see how this adorable puppy reacts to the bone, you're going to LOL!

To see how much this Pug freaks out over his first bone, check out this major freak out moment after the break. This video is a riot! 

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