(Video) This Boxer ADORES Kisses. In Fact, This is the Most Notorious Dog Kissing I’ve Ever Witnessed!


While it is no lie to say we here love our dogs and would do nearly anything to see them happy, there does come a time when a pooch needs to – well – let go!

Those lovey-dovey kisses are wonderful for a bit but, after a while, you really have to ask yourself – as a self-respecting pet parent – where has that tongue been?!

Dexter is the sweetest Boxer ever but most probably because he had a rather tragic youth, was abused as a puppy, he needs to know that he is loved.

His pet parents are more than happy to make Dexter feel loved and he is obviously grateful.

However, there are times, like in the video on the next page, when Dexter gets a little carried away with his demonstration of thankfulness.

Now that he is with people who adore him like a child he is going to show them just how much he loves his second chance at happiness!

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