(Video) This Video Compilation of Doggies and Cats Wearing Shoes is Hilarious!


As the weather gets colder we tend to worry a little about our pets. Particularly those who live in apartments.

They need to go out a few times a day for a walk so Is leaving them with bare paws during their stroll a good idea? Will they catch cold? Will the ice and snow cause damage to their paws?

Although we have recently been given the advice of rubbing some Vaseline on our pup’s paws, because Max is new to snow and ice, we still feel there has to be more we can do to protect him from the elements.

What about shoes? Pet stores carry them and they do sell well here in the east.

After the break go over to the next page and watch this hilarious video compilation of dog and cats, testing out their new pet shoes. We do not know why their pet parents thought them necessary but the entertainment factor is A-plus!

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