(Video) This Doggy Clearly Wants Food But is too Proud to Beg. Now Keep Eyes On His Head When Dad Looks His Way…

Proud Pup

We sort of have internal images of dogs when we bring fast food home and it usually has them jumping up and down in excitement. They are hoping to get a small tear-off of bun or burger, their mouths open and drooling, just waiting for a french fry to make its way onto the kitchen floor.

But then there are other pups that might surprise us with their decorum. They are the ones who know they should not expect human food. They may want it, wish for it, and love it when an errant crumb lands by their paws. But no, human food is for humans and dog food is for dogs. Even if they are unhappy about it they do understand.

On the next page, we have a comical look at the dog who knows he should not care when he sees his Dad munching on food but he cannot help but to stare at him while he’s eating. However, that only happens when Dad is not looking! What does a dog do when Dad suddenly turns to look at him? It’s hilarious!

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