Watch a Toddler Get Into a Fight With a Bulldog — Too Funny!

bulldog and toddler

When you get into a fight with someone, do you get into it? You know, do you wave your hands, yell, scream, and express yourself? In the video on the next page, there's a toddler who knows how to express herself and finds herself yelling at a bulldog.

That's right, a bulldog. We're not sure what set her off and what she's upset about, but it looks like this pooch is getting the brunt of it. At first, he's more than willing to hear her out. It appears that he's even sympathizing with her with his cute doggy eyes. Then by the end of the video, it looks like he's losing interest. He's willing to listen to her but not THIS long!

So what does the bulldog do? He lays down on the sofa as to say this discussion is over! I'm sure if you've been in a fight you know the feeling.

The toddler and bulldog arguing is funny and cute at the same time! Watch them “fight” on the next page.

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