(Video) This Pug is Super Excited. When He Doesn’t Know How to Get Rid of His Energy? I Can’t Believe THIS Happens…

crazy pug

Occasionally our doggies get excited and it's hard for them to contain themselves. If you have an energetic pup then I'm sure you've experienced it firsthand. Your doggie may run around in one spot non-stop or pant with excitement. He may also start howling, LOL!

Well, there seems to be something that is making this Pug excited! He has so much energy and happiness that he's unsure how to handle it. So what does he do to try and handle it? Well, you have to watch this for yourself. I still can't stop laughing!

This crazy Pug cannot be stopped! We can't help but wonder what is making him freak out like he is, but he's so entertaining to watch!

Enjoy how one excited Pug tries to release his pent up energy after the break on the video. Trust me when I say, this Pug has a TON of energy! 

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