(Video) This Pug Puppy is Learning His Tricks. How Dad Shows Him? So Precious!

Pug puppy training

The joy of a new puppy is two-fold. Not only do we have this innocent, sweet, fluffy ball of fun, a pet we can love, but we also get to train him. Some might not find the latter a joy but, once your puppy learns, it really is fun for both of you!

It is always best to start training when they are young; some say around ten weeks, and others say a little later.

It really is up to you and Rover. Just remember to be patient. He has a wee little mind, and although he might appear bright he has to learn to learn!

We have a great example on how to train your puppy to do basic tricks over on the next page. Not only is this a great teaching tool, but you will also be able to watch the most adorable Pug pup you’ve ever seen!

Then, before you know it, you will see him as an adult and watch how that training has benefitted him over the years.

Take a look by watching the video after the break!

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