Owners Can’t Always Care for Their Terminally Ill Dog, But Watch How a Care Facility is Changing That…

old elderly pug

It’s no secret that our pets are very important to us. They are with us through the good and bad of our lives and they love their forever home and its humans no matter the circumstance.

But eventually our animals, specifically our dog, gets older, and any number of things start to happen. Many lose their eyesight, become frail, and the vet bills start piling up. It can be overwhelming.

Still, Rover seems happy, even lively, despite his age and ailments. You really don’t want to do the unthinkable but, on the other hand, you lack the ability to take care of him.

The answer may come from a place like Roken Honpo, which is Japanese for “Old Dog Head Office.” This remarkable facility is currently taking care of senior dogs when their families can no longer keep them in the home. Their services cost roughly $660 a month but Mie Kawaguchi, the founder, states dog lovers are more than happy to pay.

After the break, learn more about this incredible enterprise!

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