(Video) Dog Realizes He’s Headed to the Vet and Gives Priceless Reaction

Thor in the car

Thor the German Shepherd appears a happy, healthy, and an unassuming pooch. He loves his family and really likes car trips that take him to the park he adores. It is a great way to either start or end the day!

Only, there seems to be something a little different about this road trip that he cannot quite put his paw on. Why are Mommy and Daddy not taking the familiar road to the dog park? Why are they turning into this odd parking lot? And why does the building they are parked in front of look uncomfortably familiar?!

Oh no, can it be? They would not dare!

After the break go on over to the next page and check out Thor’s hilarious reaction when discovering he has been taken to the veterinarian’s office!

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