(VIDEO) Pug Puppy Knows What Time it Is. How He Reminds His Owner? Priceless!

Time For Dinner

Dogs are smarter than we sometimes think they are. They know things like what time of day it is and when their next meal should be in the bowl! However, we often underestimate their good sense.

Louie is a tenacious pug; bright, healthy and happy. And along with all of that comes an appetite in not just the normal sense but for excitement and life!

If you go over to page two, you will see this bright-eyed pug waiting with bated breath to hear what all dogs long to hear – and once he does – whoo boy!

It’s like a bomb has gone off – but for all the right reasons!

You do not want to miss this one so by all means go over to the next page and watch Louie in all his glory!

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