15 Reasons Pugs Are Not the Friendly Dogs Everyone Believes They Are


Huh? What is with this title? That can’t be true… say it isn’t so!

We know that pug owners out there will be running rampant with reasons why this statement is oh so wrong but we are here to tell you that those precious, round-eyed, bundle of pleasurable fur are not the friendly dogs their owners will have you believe! Oh, no!

Sorry to say there is something sinister, mean-spirited and wholly unfriendly about you “friendly” neighborhood pug and we are here to reveal all!

We have positive proof over on the following pages, photographs showing just how unfriendly they can be!

It came as a shock to us too! However, you just cannot set aside such obvious evidence.

We urge you to go over to the next page! Prepare to be shocked by what you see!

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