(Video) This Husky Puppy Knows How to Say Three Special Words. Now Keep Listening and Prepare to be in Awe!


We once had a friend ask us once if we wouldn’t be “thrilled” if our puppy spoke words. In my mind, I could only hear my Chihuahua saying: “Play. Let’s play. I wanna play. Can we play?” over and over again. So no, the thought of Max talking was and is not something we would be thrilled over.

Yet, if he were to say a few sweet little words occasionally – sure – that could be kind of wonderful!

Not only would it be a great ice breaker at parties and Thanksgiving supper but the very idea that my dog can utter words and mean the things he says would be awesome!

Still, the very idea … Could it really be true? Can a dog talk if motivated enough?

Over on the next page, we have a very cute Husky puppy whose owner is convinced she can talk. Watch the video, listen closely, and see if you are amongst the many who believe it’s true!

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