(Video) When a Dachshund Gets Wet After a Bath What He Does Next Will Make Anyone’s Day…

doggy-and-kitty after bath

When we were kids none of us were too happy about our evening bath. We had too much to do and when we bathed it made us wet and eventually when we got out of the bath, we were cold and generally uncomfortable.

Still, it was a responsibility Mom insisted on demonstrating with little care for those of us who just wanted to skip the ritual.

As it turns out our dogs probably feel the same way as we did at two years old. They have too much to do! There are toys to play with, cats to chase, and kibble to eat! How can we expect them to take time out for a bath?

After the break, go over to page two and watch a dachshund who seems to have another angle on the bath time post ritual! 

Yes, he’s wet but there are ways to dry off while getting in a good workout too!

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