3 Small Doggy Breeds That Prove They Don’t Have to be Big to Thrive at Sports!

Silky Yorkie Terrier

We appreciate our small dog because he’s a happy-go-lucky pooch with an attitude but also because he’s a convenience when it comes to picking him up after a more than typical tantrum.

Those tantrums usually start when we tell him it’s time to come in after a long afternoon of running about the yard and playing ball.

You see, Max thinks he’s a sports hero and feels, as such, he should be left to his well-deserved play!

And while we would love to allow him an all access pass to green grass and Spring weather, running amok in the apartment complex’s dog park might be frowned on by management!

One might think just because some dogs are small they do not have what it takes to be sports heroes but we have three small pooches on the next page that beg to differ.

Like our Max, they want to do it all!

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