15 Reasons Pugs are Not the Friendly Doggies Everyone Thinks They Are

naughty pug featured

Your dog is the friendliest dog around. He loves to bark at the neighbors, run around in circles when people come over, and growl at the dog you're watching for taking his toy. Yep… and you have a Pug.

He's super friendly… right? Umm, not so much.

Sure Pugs can be friendly, but not all Pugs are created equal. In fact, most Pugs are not the friendliest dog everyone thinks they are.

Don't believe us? That's fine, we're about to prove it to you. Because that furry monster you've been hiding is actually cute… but not always friendly.

Plus, Pugs are also known to overstep their boundaries at the dog park (sniffing and trying to play with another dog?!) What are they thinking?!

Plus, who can forget that time your Pug almost got through the fence because he wanted to say hello to the mailman. Sure. 

After the break, we'll begin convincing you why Pugs are not the friendliest dogs everyone thinks they are. Keep reading and we'll reveal the truth to you! 

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