(Video) This Compilation of Dogs Meeting Cute Baby Animals for the First Time is Adorable. I Can’t Get Over the Meeting at 1:18!


Our dogs kind of get the bad end of a deal at times. They are often asked to chase away things that are not supposed to be in the house but then we often present them with something new, mysterious, and living – not to mention tiny – and suddenly they are asked to stay calm and accept the thing into their home without question! If they look puzzled they have every right to be!

Some of the scenes in this video remind us of a big brother holding their baby sister for the first time. He’s kind of lost, not sure what to do next, but is curious… and this is how so many of these bigger dogs react to the cute baby animals they are presented with. On the other hand, there are those who are immediately in “play mode” and that is just as precious!

After the break go over to the next page and look at all these first-time meetings between dogs and the cute baby animals you know will eventually “own” them! LOL!

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