4 Signs a Dog Has an Owner Trained. #3 Really Hit Home!


Man, woman, and dog working together to make a better tomorrow. It may sound like a slogan but it actually could happen. But only if we follow their canine training! LOL! Here are 4 signs a dog has an owner trained:

1) You have to spell out certain words.
You find yourself spelling out words like W-A-L-K and D-O-G P-A-R-K when you’re within earshot of your pooch, because saying them typically gets him super excited — and you couldn’t bear to let him down by not taking him where he thinks he’s going. You also spell out his name when complaining (“F-I-D-O keeps hogging the bed!”) because you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.
2) The only one getting beauty sleep is your dog.
You wake up desperately clinging to the edge of your bed because at some point during the night your dog has managed to take over the entire mattress. As uncomfortable as you are, you dare not move, as that might disturb your pup’s sleep. You try to tell yourself that it’s you who allows your dog to sleep in your bed, but deep down you know it’s really the other way around
3. Your dog gives you commands to follow.
You thought you were training her to ring a bell, scratch at the door or bring you her leash to let you know when she needed to do her business, but more often than not, she is just looking for a little outdoor entertainment. And you always happily respond to these cues by dropping everything and taking her out for a walk. So, really, it’s you who has been trained.
4. You spend little on yourself, but with your dog, the sky’s the limit.
Nothing but the best will do when it comes to your precious pup. You’re more than happy to cut out a few luxuries from your own lifestyle so your dog can attend the best doggie daycare in town. And while your own style may be lacking, your pooch’s is totally on point. You can’t remember the last time you visited a salon, but your dog has a standing mani-pedi appointment at the groomer. She’s always dressed to impress, from her designer duds to her posh carrier. And you wouldn’t even think of being seen without her blinged-out, matching collar and leash.

As well as #3, the dropping everything to walk the dog, we also had to laugh at #1. Our pooch knows the minute we say “outside” it means leaving the house. He will suddenly rush to the front door in anticipation. We’ve learned to either point to the door or spell: o-u-t-s-i-d-e!

In the end, they are our little darlings and while there are times they can be a trial, might even expect a little too much from Mommy and Daddy, we will give them their due. After all, they will be with us for a lesser period of time than even our own children. Our fur babies deserve a little indulging, even at the expense of being “trained” by them!

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