5 Common Foods That Can Hurt or Kill a Dog

pug eating a snack

when giving a dog the occasional treat, it's important to avoid these five common foods. They may be fatal to a dog!

Many of us think of our dogs just like another member of the family. That means that we want to give them plenty of love and affection and make sure they are happy, healthy and safe.

Also, it's common that sometimes even though we know we really shouldn't, we give them table scraps or a taste of what we're eating.

It is so hard to resist their cute faces and those sad puppy dog eyes. If we only feed them scarps every once in a while, they most likely will be just fine.

However, if we feed our dogs like this too often or give them certain foods, it could be very harmful and maybe even deadly for them. The foods on the list may leave you shocked!

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