(VIDEO) Watch a Baby Pug Flip Out Over Her First Bone. It’s SO Cute I Can’t Handle It!

pug freaks out over bone

Everyone likes to freak out about something. You know the feeling when your favorite television show is premiering? If you love your show why not get excited?!

Pug puppies also love the excitement, given they love to be the center of attention. And if a Pug puppy is experiencing something for the first time, you better believe playing with something new is going to him over the moon excited or not so thrilled, like the adorable Pug you'll see on the next page.

When a Pug puppy gets introduced to a bone for the first time he's not sure what to think about it. Is the bone going to attack him or what?!

Find out whether this too-cute-for-words Pug is afraid of his bone after the break on the video. Get ready for a hilarious freak-out! 

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