(VIDEO) Get Ready to Crack Up When You See What Hilarious Position This Pug Is Sleeping In! Ha Ha!

Pug sleeping on his back

Some of us stick to one position during the night. We can slip into bed, our faithful pooch at the foot of the bed, and fall right to sleep. Others toss and turn before drifting off.

Then there are those who do fall asleep and manage to do so in some of the oddest positions manageable. Hence, the creation of this article about a sincerely adorable adult pug who manages to find comfort – sleeping on his back!

Usually, a dog will curl up, paws forward and his chin resting on the floor. Then there are those who will lay on their side… but while it is not impossible, a pooch laying on his back, paws in the air, falling deeply asleep does not often happen. And this snooze is pretty darn deep.

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