5 Surprising Reasons a Dog Howls

dog howling

While our dogs each have their unique personalities, there are several traits that bond them across breeds. Some of those traits might include their territory-marking methods, their strong sense of smell and their protective instincts. It's all in their genetic make-up.

What about that loud and jarring howling sound dogs make? Where does that come from and what is the meaning behind that intense sound? While all dogs bark to some extent, howling is on another level. It's like barking on steroids and the sound seems to come from the depths of their soul.

Even though my dog is under 10 pounds, he has his own version of howling. It might not be the same deep version that you hear from larger dogs and wolves, but it has the same effect. He does it whenever food is left on the counter, when he's left at the bottom of the stairs and needs to be carried up or when he's left by himself for long periods of time.

Regardless of breed, our dogs use howling as a way to communicate, but what exactly are they trying to say?

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