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Some of the greatest joys in life are things like traveling to a new city, watching your children or grandchildren grow up… and giving your dog a new toy. The ability to watch him try to figure out and interact with a new object can be so cute! Although we don't want to admit it, that cuteness is the reason why our dogs have way too many toys.

My Yorkie, for example, has 2 bins full of squeaky and fluffy little guys. In his defense, he does play with (and love) all of them over the course of a couple months, but my house constantly looks like I have multiple human kids under the age of 3 because of how many stuffed animals and random toys my Yorkie has.

Presenting our dog with a new toy is like giving a child the ultimate present on their birthday. We love making them happy and know they enjoy every second of playing with that new object.

Sally is no different! You have to watch her size up a new toy as her competition.

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