6 Outstanding Reasons Dogs Are Great for Our Health


Dogs are loving, faithful, kind and often very enthusiastic when excited. Talk to any pet parent and they will tell you wonderful stories about their precious pet.

Yes, our furry friends can be a handful if you have a more impulsive dog. Yet, when we think of all the emotional (and health) benefits, we can often forgive their foraging into the trashcan and even tearing up that one of a kind pillow Aunt Eva gave us last Christmas. Well, many of us can forgive and forget anyway! LOL!

It is actually very surprising to learn that professionals believe there truly are health benefits to owning or adopting a pet. It’s not just and opinion but facts prove our dogs can lead us into a healthy long life!

Curious? After the break, check out the six reasons that our dogs are great for our health on the next page!

We know you probably don’t need convincing but it’s nice to read up on these facts anyway! Impress your friends and enjoy!

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